Elite Exclusionary Plan

The Elite Exclusionary Plan covers everything on your vehicle except for maintenance and basic wear and tear items such as paint, light bulbs and upholstery.

Carburetor; battery; battery/battery pack on hybrid vehicles; shock absorbers; manual transmission clutch assembly; friction clutch disc and pressure plate; throwout bearing; manual and hydraulic linkages; distributer cap and rotor; safety restraint systems (including air bags); glass; lenses; sealed beams; light bulbs; brake hardware; all exhaust and emission components except those specifically listed under the coverage section of this contract; weather strips; all trim, moldings, handles, knobs or dials; bright metal; chrome; upholstery and carpet; paint; outside ornamentation; bumpers; body sheet metal and panels; tires and wheels/rims; GPS navigation systems; phone systems; TV/Video/Entertainment systems and Internet Access systems unless luxury electronics option has been purchased by you and accepted by us. Maintenance services and parts described in your vehicle’s owner’s manual as supplied by the manufacturer and other normal maintenance services and parts including, but not limited to: alignments; wheel balancing; tune-ups; spark plugs and spark plug wires; glow plugs; hoses; drive belts; brake pads, linings, shoes, drums and rotors; wiper blades. Coverage may vary by state.

No matter which Palmer Protection Plan you choose, you will have excellent protection, convenient claims processing and peace of mind. On top of protection, we offer a variety of additional benefits at no extra cost to you. You deserve the best protection, so we want you to be prepared for any situation.

  • Affordable - Competitive rates and payment options
  • National Coverage - Choice of mechanic nationwide. Not limited to one dealership
  • Rental Car - Most plans offer rental car reimbursement
  • Emergency Roadside Benefits - Free towing and more
  • Travel Expenses - Most plans offer reimbursement for food and lodging if you’re out of town
  • Customer Support - Experienced and friendly to answer all your questions
  • Unlimited number of claims - For the lifetime of the warranty

*Varies by state

Give yourself the ultimate peace of mind with extended auto repair coverage. See which plans are available for your vehicle by speaking with a Palmer Administration Plan specialist today. We will help you find the right plan for your needs and budget. Call us now for a personalized quote 800-599-9557