Frequently Asked Questions


What are your office hours and how can I reach you?

Contact Us 

What is an extended auto protection plan?

It safeguards you from unexpected repair bills.  It pays for covered mechanical and electrical parts when your car breaks down.  Our plans pay for the cost of parts, repairs labor. 

Can I still get an extended auto protection plan if I'm no longer covered under the original manufacturer's warranty?


What is the procedure if I have a claim on my vehicle?

Have your mechanic call our claims number at 800-599-9557 x505 to let us know what repairs need to be done. Once the repair is authorized, your mechanic will be paid by check or over the phone with a credit card. The process is simple.

Where can I have repairs done?

The dealership or repair facility of your choice in the United States or Canada.

How can I get my car towed?

Call the emergency roadside assistance number in your service agreement.

How do I use my car rental benefits?

Once it’s determined that the failed part is covered, we’ll reimburse you under the terms and conditions stated in your service agreement.