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Why Palmer?

Palmer Administration will help you create and sustain a strong, profitable business by giving you the products and support you need to be successful.  Your customers want an auto protection plan they can rely on. Our programs are designed to give them the right extended plan for their needs.  By providing a variety of coverage options, we can serve a broad range of customers at many price-points. Our wide selection helps you maximize sales and close more deals.


  • -Competitive plans and pricing
  • -Build long term customer relationships
  • -Superior claims administration
  • -Save thousands of dollars per year in financing fees
  • -Fully backed by insurance
  • -Variety of plan options for new, pre-owned and lease vehicles
  • -Knowledgeable customer support

Partner with a company that’s been in business for over 30 years.

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What Makes us Unique

-We are the only warranty company that does our own financing. We view financing as a service to you, not a business. You will save thousands of dollars annually and it's more convenient than using a third party finance company.

-We're a one stop shop.  If you need information about a customer you don’t have to call one company for claims, another for financing and another for customer service.  Make one call for all of your needs.

We provide everything you need, every step of the way.


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